A Guide To Grocery Stores in Paris: All You Need To Know

Supermarché G20, one of the best grocery stores in Paris
Grocery stores in Paris

Whether you’re going to Paris for a few days or for a longer time, there are some things you should know about the grocery stores in Paris.

The supermarkets aren’t only convenient if you’re not planning on going out for dinner, but they are also great if you need to buy some snacks before or after sightseeing. There are a lot of grocery stores, including organic ones. Also, there are great options if you want your groceries to be delivered.

In this guide, you can find the best Paris grocery stores, you can find information about grocery delivery in Paris, and you can find some practical information about the supermarkets.

Best Grocery Stores in Paris

There are many grocery stores in the city. Most of the grocery stores have a large number of locations in the city. Below, I’ll outline the grocery stores that you can find at many places in the city so you know what to expect at each one.


Entrance of a Monoprix

Monoprix is a supermarket with about 100 locations in the Paris region. It is one of the largest grocery store chains in the city.

Each Monoprix location combines food with other types of products, such as apparel, beauty products, and lots of other products, which is very convenient when you need to buy something and want to go grocery shopping at the same time.

The food section and the non-food sections are separated, and often you can find one of the sections or a large part of one of the sections on a separate floor of the building, such as at the Monoprix location on Avenue de l’Opéra.

If you want to have a quick lunch or want other food, you’ll often find some food stalls offering ready-to-eat food, as well as some chairs and tables. For this, you often don’t have to enter the ‘store’ section of the Monoprix, but you can find this next to the entrance of the store.


Entrance of a Monop'

Monop’ is a grocery store chain that belongs to the same organization as Monoprix. Like Monoprix, you can find Monop’ at many places in Paris.

So what’s the difference between Monoprix and Monop’? Monop”s are often smaller stores than the stores of Monoprix and, whereas Monoprix also carries non-food items, Monop’ only has food items.

Both of these supermarkets have the same house brands, such as Monoprix smoothies.

Supermarché G20

Outside of a Supermarché G20
Supermarché G20

Supermarché G20 is a grocery store chain in Paris that focuses on being less expensive than other supermarkets while still offering many products. In comparison to Monoprix, G20 does have fewer products and there’s no house brand.

This is also a supermarket that you can find in many places in Paris, although there are fewer of them than Monoprix and Monop’ supermarkets.

Carrefour City

Carrefour City is a grocery store chain with many stores in Paris. It is part of the Carrefour Group and you can find the chain in several countries.

In comparison to regular Carrefour supermarkets, Carrefour City’s are stores that you can find within the city and they are smaller.

The grocery store has about the same prices as Monoprix, although it sometimes less expensive to shop here.

Carrefour Express

Fruit and vegetables at a Carrefour Express
Carrefour Express

Carrefour Express is a grocery store chain that, like Carrefour City, also belongs to the Carrefour Group.

The Carrefour Express is often much smaller than the Carrefour City, and it carries fewer products.

These grocery stores have all the essentials you need, but you will find fewer variants of the same product at Carrefour Express. For example, there are fewer types of pasta sauces.


Franprix is a grocery store chain with about 300 locations in Paris.

Franprix has a large offering of products, but the stores are often smaller than the stores of the Monoprix chain.

Franprix’s prices are about the same as Monoprix’s, although some products can be more or less expensive (sometimes a lot more or less expensive).

Some Franprix locations have a salad bar. You can choose all the ingredients to add to your salad and then pay by weight for your salad. There are also chairs and tables at Franprix where you can sit down to eat your salad or other food.

Some Franprix supermarkets in Paris offer more services, such as parcel services.


Picard is a unique type of grocery store in Paris. At this store, which you can find throughout Paris, you can get frozen products. Almost all the items that you can find at the store are frozen.

Picard has its own brand of products, and there’s a lot to choose from, including many high-quality frozen products. You can also buy all kinds of frozen meals here that you only have to put in the microwave to prepare them.

After buying items here, you can bring them with you in an insulated grocery bag.

Bio c’ Bon

Cars in front of a Bio c' Bon
Bio c’ Bon

Bio c’ Bon, which means “organic is good”, is a grocery store where you can buy all kinds of organic products, and because of that, you can find many other items here in comparison to many of the other grocery stores.

The products that you can get at this chain are often more expensive than the products at other supermarket chains.


Auchan is a supermarket chain with locations all around the world, but it has fewer locations in Paris than many of the other supermarkets on this list.

In comparison to the other grocery stores, except for maybe Supermarché G20, Auchan is much less expensive.

So if you want to save on groceries, I recommend traveling a bit further to shop at Auchan.


Front of a Naturalia

Naturalia is a supermarket chain that focuses on organic foods as well as organic non-food items

You can find here all kinds of products that you won’t find at most of the other grocery stores on this list. Also, the products are often more expensive.

There are fewer Naturalia stores than, for example, Franprix and Monoprix stores.

Le Petit Casino

Le Petit Casino is a small convenience store where you can buy some essentials that you might need. In comparison to Carrefoux Express, Le Petit Casino is often even smaller and carries fewer products.

You can find only a few locations of this convenience store in Paris.

U Express

U Express or U Express et Drive, is a network of independent supermarkets in Paris. There are more than 15 U Express supermarkets in Paris.

The supermarket focuses on low prices, and some of the products at the supermarket are sold without a profit margin.

So when you want to save on your groceries, you can go to U Express, for which you sometimes have to travel a bit more.

Intermarché Express

Intermarché Express is another grocery chain that you can find at several places in Paris. The grocery store has far fewer locations than, for example, Franprix and Monoprix.

Intermarché Express is about as expensive as the Monop’ and Franprix, although it sometimes is less expensive.

Practical Information About Grocery Stores in the City

Supermarket in Paris from the outside
Supermarket in Paris

Most grocery stores in the city have features that grocery stores in other countries often don’t have.

For example, most of the grocery stores in the city have a microwave, which makes it possible to heat ready-to-eat meals at the supermarket. Most of the time, there are also a few chairs and a table. So if you want to grab a quick lunch for a low price, you can do that at the supermarkets.

At many grocery stores in Paris, you can also find a coffee machine where you can get coffee for a low price. For example, you can often get an espresso for about 1 to 1.50 euros.

Another thing to know about supermarkets in the city is that you don’t often find a lot of bread products at the supermarket. Although you can almost always buy baguettes and some other types of bread at the supermarket, if you want more choice, you’ll need to go to a bakery in the city (which you can find everywhere).

The same is true for vegetables and fruit. Most supermarkets have a lot of different types of vegetables and fruits, but if you want more choices, you have to go to a fruit and vegetable shop.

Also, you need to pay for a shopping bag if you need one. So I recommend bringing your own shopping bag!

Can you get Groceries Delivered in Paris?

Instead of going to the stores itself, you can also get your groceries delivered in Paris.

Most of the grocery stores have their own website where you can order groceries and get them delivered wherever you are in Paris.

Instead of doing that, you can use Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or another app. Through these apps, you can order groceries from most of the stores.

When you enter your current location, you can see which stores are closest to you and how long it will take for your groceries to get to you.

Within the apps, you can find the selection of products from each store, but it isn’t always up-to-date, so the store might not have the product you have ordered.

You can indicate what happens with your order if the item is not available. For example, you can get the item replaced or removed from your order, or you can cancel your whole order.

There are also grocery stores that don’t have a physical location, such as Flink. To order here, you can make use of the delivery apps, or the app of Flink itself.

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